India is a huge country rich in culture and history. Over the centuries, it has been populated by peoples of various origins who have left a lasting mark on India’s culinary tradition. That is why the country abounds with such a wealth of flavours for which it is known among connoisseurs around the world. While Indian cuisine varies widely from one region to another, there are common threads that make it unique. All regional varieties share hot aromatic spices, a wide range of vegetables, particularly legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, as well as fine-tasting long-grained basmati rice.


Our restaurant serves some of India’s best dishes. We highly recommend wheat flatbread (naan, roti and other) baked on the spot in a tandoori oven, spicy appetizers, such as the popular samosas and our superbly spiced main dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Handi and Lamb Gosh. It is lamb dishes that enjoy unabated popularity among our guests. We also encourage you to taste our refreshing natural yogurt-based drinks, particularly Mango Lassi. Visit us at lunch time to check out our Kathi Roll, the folded paratha bread with spicy stuffing available in a variety of flavours. This treat has originated in the hot bustling streets of Calcutta. Our offering also includes classical Indian desserts, among them the carrot desert Gajar Ka Halva, and Gulab Jamun, which is cheese donuts in cardamom syrup.


Our restaurant’s owner, who is Hindi, has been coming to Poznań for years. He loves the city and has made many friends here. He has long been playing with the idea to bring joy to Poznań residents by opening an Indian restaurant in the city. This is how the "Tavaa" came to be. Just as its founder, we believe that Poznań has long been waiting for a true Indian restaurant.


Our cooks, Kamal and Shokin, have come to Poznań from the Indian state of Uttarkahand located in the north-eastern part of the country. They have brought with them the flavours of northern India so liked by most Europeans. No wonder as this is where India’s best cooks come from. In their cooking, Kamal and Shokin follow the old ways as practiced at the foot of the Himalayas, using traditional techniques and natural ingredients. They have perfected their skills in well-known restaurants of New Delhi and Mumbai. They are truly passionate about cooking. With their help, you will get to know India’s authentic cuisine and take an extraordinary culinary journey.